A new security hub for Windows 11 reportedly in works, may arrive on iOS and Mac – Times of India


Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Security hub for Windows 11 operating system, according to a report by Windows Latest.
Dubbed as Microsoft Defender, the new security hub will provide users with comprehensive security details and reports about their connected accounts and devices at one location much like a security dashboard.
The feature isn’t entirely new as Windows 10 and 11 already feature a Windows Security app that allows users to address several security details including malware protection, browser protection, firewall and more.
However, as per reports, the new Microsoft Defender will likely feature new Windows 11 WinUI and Fluent design with a simple to use interface that matches the look and feel of Windows 11.
The official store description found within the .msixbundle of the app further reveals that Microsoft is also planning to expand the Microsoft Defender beyond just Windows operating system. The .msix file of the app has icons of Android, iPhone and Mac as well. This suggests that the Defender app might show details about connected devices running other operating systems.
The website has also mentioned that the new app might not replace the existing Windows Security app and serve just as a dashboard app to provide a complete insight into the device’s health and security.
It is also worth noting that there are changes that Microsoft might ask for a Microsoft 365 account for the dashboard feature to work.
It is advisable to take the entire information about the new Microsoft Defender app with a pinch of salt as the information is based on the leaked details and nothing has been confirmed by the company as of now.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/gadgets-news/a-new-security-hub-for-windows-11-reportedly-in-works-may-arrive-on-ios-and-mac/articleshow/87462357.cms

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