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I wanted to create a thread where we can talk about Windows 98 builds and nothing but Windows 98 builds. I find it quite fascinating about the wide range of hardware that can be used to create a Retro machine. 


I have an old beige computer that has a floppy drive and a white DVD drive with a failing motherboard that has a dual core 2 processor I think its a socket 775 motherboard but seeing that the board is failing, it will have to be taken out and replaced regardless. Normally I can repair some motherboards if the problem is fixable like bad capacitors or something but this board has a different problem on the board that is beyond repair which is effecting USB, Floppy Drive CD Rom Drives plus applications often do funky things on this board.


This computer would be great for a retro Windows 98 build. 


Socket 775 boards are cheap and some will take Pentium 4 processors.

Sound Cards are cheap

SATA Drives are cheap.

RAM can be hard to find in small capacities if its DDR2 I prefer to use 256 MB for Windows 98.


The only costly part is the GPU


The reason for using a SATA hard drive is that IDE hard drives are hard to come by now and probably wont last that long. A SATA drive is more robust and they are dirt cheap like pennies cheap. People like to use Solid State Drives but in my opinion I don’t think they are suitable or at least not long term because Windows 98 has no trim for SSD support.


Older motherboards that have Pentium III processors are ideal boards for windows 98 builds but are hard to find and can be pricey plus being as old as they are they can fail although they are built better than most modern boards today. A more common easier to find motherboard containing a P4 processor often have bulging capacitors which need replacing and even if they don’t its only a matter of time. So you’d need to be prepared to change any bulging caps.


Socket 775 boards are more modern and probably the cheapest and most easy way to build a retro Windows 98 PC.





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